With our extended breakfast you can enjoy the organic delicacies until midday. You can wake up safe in the knowledge of breakfast lovingly prepared by our staff.

On the table every morning you will find many delicacies, including:

  • Sweet breakfast with cakes and croissants
  • Savoury breakfast with cheeses, cold cuts and cured meats
  • Fresh fruit and fruit salad
  • Traditional, Greek and soy yoghurt;
  • Various types of bread and bakery products (black bread, cereal bread, milk bread, etc.)
  • Organic products
  • Specific products for celiacs
  • Alternative products for people with food intolerances
  • Homemade cakes and sweets
  • Fresh juices and hot drinks (tea, espresso, cappuccino, etc.)

The great variety and abundance of our products means that every guest can enjoy a full and healthy breakfast, even in case of food allergies. Why do we care so much? To offer you the peace of mind of a breakfast on holiday as healthy as the one you would have at home.

Where do you prefer to take breakfast? Take a seat in the comfortable indoor lounge or in the outdoor garden under the shade of our new gazebos – to start the day in harmony with nature!